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Religious issues in Europe's far right. The cases of Portugal, Italy and Germany

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Religious issues in Europe’s far right. The cases of Portugal, Italy and Germany

During the last decade, the political map of Europe has been marked by the significant advance of the far right, with several countries now being governed by parties with programmes that, based on dichotomies “we” versus “they”, claim to defend the “ordinary citizen” and the “nation” against external forces. Among the dangers pointed out are immigration, Islam, the European Union, big business (embodied by the anti-Semitic high ranks of the “rich Jew”) and the “gender ideology”. Feminisms and struggles for gender equality are here accused of threatening the family and the welfare of children and, from the conception of the biological family as a cell of society, as something harmful to the survival of the community. Against these “evils” the European Christian matrix is invoked as a cultural marker and value system.

The online seminar will be promoted by Policredos Working Group with the participation of DeCode/M researchers´, Júlia Garraio and Alexandre Carvalho.

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